King's Home

For over 40 years, King’s Home has been home to hundreds of youth, women, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness, and other difficult and impoverished conditions and circumstances. King's Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

King's Stables is the equine therapy program for the youth at King's Home. Although we service our own youth, we also are serving others throughout the community. One of our goals at King's Stables is to build relationships with other non-profits and people in the community in need. 

Why Horses?

At King's Stables, the horses are the teachers. Why horses? A horse's herd is its community, and the way they communicate with each other within their herd is similar to the way people communicate. We utilize these similarities in equine assisted learning and therapeutic horseback riding programs for participant of all ages and background. 

Horses help teach people how to express feelings, handle problems, and open the lines of communication. Riders not only experience the joy a horse can bring, but also work on skills such as balance, strength, independence, and coordination. Working with these beautiful animals is empowering and esteem building ~ plus it's fun!

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