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​Jethro is 15 years old, and he is a black mix breed gelding. He was a rescue horse from a shelter. He loves attention and can be very mischievous around the farm.


Mac is a 14 year old Rocky Mountain gelding. He has a sweet nature and absolutely adores the kids. He loves anybody he has ever come in contact with. In the winter time you can mistake Mac for a woolly mammoth because of how fuzzy he gets.



Mater is a gentle, loving and goofy 9 year old Tennessee Walker Cross. His favorite treats are candy canes and watermelons, and his hobbies include obstacle courses, barrel racing, trails and trying to play in the trash with his buddy Jethro. 



Blaze is a 8 year old Tennessee Walker gelding. You won't catch him snoozing because he always likes to keep an eye on things. He also has a crush on sweet Bella!


Bella is a 17 year old black Tennessee Walker mare. She may be petite, but she sure is mighty. Bella's favorite activity is to be groomed. She will take a nap every single time! 



Chrome is the little brother of the herd and is full of energy and curiosity. He is working on learning tricks and is being trained with the help of King's Home Youth. Chrome is 3 years old and has many years of learning ahead.




Pal has been there, done that, and has the t-shirt! He had a full career as a roping horse before becoming a therapy horse. He loves having a job! Don't let his age fool you! Pal is 30 years young!



Star is a half Arabian half Quarter horse.  Although she considers herself a princess, she doesn't mind putting in a hard days work!  She truly has "therapy heart" and loves teaching lessons!

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